How to Make Kneading Dough with Food Processor

Conventionally, people used to process dough by hand. Many people still do. However, due to the amount of energy required for this job, most modern kitchens are replacing this labour done by hand with a food processor. Food processor can do the job a lot more effectively and in very less time. When kneading dough using a food processor, you need to keep a few things in mind to achieve success, here is a list:

Use dough blade

Most good food processors come with a dough blade attachment specifically designed for kneading dough. If your food processor does not include this attachment, you might be able to find a dough blade in the market that fits your food processor. Dough blades are made of either metal or plastic. Metal dough blade is better than plastic one as it eliminates the possibility of breaking of the blade. Plastic blades can sometimes not live up to the strength of the task and break in the process.

Use cool water

The work done by the food processor during kneading dough, transfers a lot of heat to the dough. To neutralize this effect, it is advisable to use cool water. If you add warm water, the dough will become too hot. For pizza dough which has yeast in it, too hot a temperature can kill the yeast. It is therefore very important to monitor your dough temperature while kneading it in a food processor.

Don’t over process

It is important not to over process the dough. This mistake can easily be made if you are not checking the consistency of the dough every few seconds since a food processor spins at thousand of rpms and can mix it in a couple of minutes. If you keep running the machine beyond that, your dough will start losing its texture. Your dough should have a soft, elastic texture. If it is still rough, let the machine run for another half a minute before checking the dough again.

Don’t overfill

If you are making dough for a large number of people, make sure your food processor bowl is large enough. If it is not large enough, you will have to make it in separate batches. The general rule is that if your food processor has a capacity of 10 to 12 cups your dough should not be more than 1.5 pounds (which is made from 2 to 3 cups of flour). If your recipe calls for larger measurements, you will have to make separate batches of dough and combine them by hand. More interesting food processor recipes along with reviews can be found on

Add dry ingredients first

Add your dry ingredients to the work bowl first and pulse it briefly. This is so that all the ingredients combine perfectly and you get a homogeneous powder before you add liquid ingredients. Add liquid ingredients slowly while the machine is running. When the dough forms a ball and picks up all the dry flour from the sides of the bowl, this means there is no need to add more water.